Tajikistan: Media

Recommended Sources

Asia-Plus - Founded in 2000, Asia-Plus is one of the most widely followed independent media sources in Tajikistan. In addition to covering major political and economic events, the newspaper covers day-to-day affairs in Tajikistan. It has both online and printed versions. The Russian page is updated most often. Coverage in Tajik, Russian, and English. 

Eurasianet - Independent news organization founded in 1999 by the Open Society Institute that provides news, information, and analysis focused on countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Eurasianet is now hosted by Columbia University’s Harriman Institute and is supported by a variety of international foundations. Coverage in English and Russian.  

Radio Ozodi - Tajik branch of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a media organization funded by the U.S. government through the Agency for Global Media. The mission of RFE/RL is to promote democratic values and institutions, as well as human rights, by covering and disseminating news in countries where the free press is prohibited by the authorities or has not yet taken root. Published in Russian, Tajik, and English.

The Diplomat - International online news magazine founded in 2001 covering politics, society, and culture in Asia. The Diplomat frequently runs articles on Central Asia and is based in Washington, D.C. The Diplomat was founded by Minh Bui Jones, David Llewellyn-Smith, and Sung Lee.  Coverage in English.


Akhbor - An independent news website based in the Czech Republic that is critical of the Tajik government. Mirzo Salimpur is the founder and editor. Coverage is in Tajik and Russian. 

Avesta - Information agency that provides coverage of political, economic, and social affairs in Tajikistan and the rest of Central Asia. Coverage in Russian. 

Crossroads - Non-profit research institute co-founded by Shairbek Dzhuraev based in Bishkek that promotes a better understanding of the political, economic, and security affairs in Central Asia. Crossroads provides reports, commentaires, and a variety of other research projects. Coverage in English, Russian, German, French, and Chinese.

Eurasia Daily Monitor - Publication launched in 2004 by the Jamestown Foundation, a Washington D.C. based institute for research and analysis. The Eurasia Daily Monitor is an analytical publication that surveys recent developments in Eurasia, providing overview and analysis of events. Coverage in English. 

Fergana (Fe)Independent news agency founded in 1998 in Moscow by Daniil Kislov, an émigré from Ferghana in Uzbekistan. Fergana provides independent long-form journalism about issues related to Central Asia and the former Soviet space. Coverage in Russian, Uzbek, and English. 

Imruz News - News platform that covers affairs in Tajikistan and Central Asia. Coverage in Tajik and Russian. 

Khovar -  The national information agency of Tajikistan and the central state information body. The main task of the agency is to collect and provide information on the most pressing issues to other media agencies in the country and abroad. Coverage in Tajik, Russian, English, Persian, and Arabic. 

Nezavisimoe Mnenie - News platform that offers political, economic, and cultural affairs of Tajikistan. Coverage in Russian.

Novosti.tj - News platform that covers domestic and international news. Coverage in Russian only. 

Nuqta - News platform that covers the affairs of Tajikistan and Central Asia. Coverage in Tajik and Russian. 

openDemocracy -  United Kingdom-based political website founded in 2001 that provides reporting and analysis of events throughout the world, including occasionally Central Asia and the Caucuses. “openDemocracy” is owned by the nonprofit openDemocracy Foundation for the Advancement of Global Education. openDemocracy was founded by Anthony Barnett, David Hayes, Susan Richards, and Paul Hilder. Coverage in English.

Sputnik Tajikistan - Information agency established in 2014 by Russia Today, a Russian government-owned news agency. It publishes news on everyday affairs, infographics on developments in Tajikistan, and opinion pieces. Coverage in Tajik and Russian. 

Tajik Telegraph Agency - News platform that covers the news in Tajikistan, but is updated infrequently. Coverage in Tajik and Russian. 

Times of Central Asia - Bishkek-based newspaper founded in 1999 by Giorgio Fiacconi that covers Central Asian politics, investments, economics, commerce, culture, social issues, corruption, and terrorism.  It ceased print publication in 2013 and is now only online. Coverage in English Only.